Retro reflection literally means reflecting back the light to the light source.

Glass bead technology developed by world leading manufacturer 3M allows a scarf for instance, to reflect light from the scarf wearer back to the vehicle driver whilst several hundred meters away - obviously a must for children, or indeed any pedestrian on a dark night. More technical information on 3M's Scotchlite reflective material can be found on their website.


The author was once tripped up by a canal mooring rope as he couldn't see it in the dark hence the development of hi-vizz safety ropes. Introducing retro reflective yarn into the rope seemed a natural progression to make the rope visible at night. As the company Genesis is also a weaver of broad loom fabric for the equine and soft furnishing industry a retro woven for fabric was developed for use in the apparel industry. Fabulous scarves, accessories, and fashion coats for children made from cashmere through to acrylic are now available.

Our company statement is 'committed to saving lives'.
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"As a parent, the safety of my children is paramount - the reflective scarves that we bought from Genesis are a brilliant idea providing both comfort and protection - I wholly recommend them!"

Shirley Davies, parent


 "It is great to have something that adds to our school uniform, keeps the children warm with the added bonus of making them visible to cars on the way to and from school."

Karen McVea, Head Teacher of St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Market Harborough


"Every primary school in Leicestershire should require their pupils to have these scarves.”

Edward Garnier

To read more from Edward Garnier, copy this address:


"A simple idea to contribute to children's safety. Wearing one of these scarves on dark winter nights would be an effective and inexpensive way of making pedestrians and cyclists more visible to oncoming traffic."

Helene Sutliff, Youth Education Manager, Leicestershire Fire Service


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“It’s really safe because when cars are coming they can see you when it lights up.”

Emily, age 9


“I think they’re really comfortable, and they light up so the cars will be able to see you if you go across the road.”

Jonathan, age 9


"These innovative scarves add extra visibility to students in the dark"

Lyn Rowe, Road Safety Officer, Leicester City Council

"It looks like regular cloth, it feels like regular cloth, and it glows…well, not like regular cloth. If you shine a torch on it, it’s exactly like a hi-vis vest and it’s very, very bright."

Tom Darby, BBC Radio Leicester


"This is more than just the latest fashion accessory, when the children leave the school and it’s dark outside, this scarf reflects in the headlights."

Tom Brown, BBC East Midlands Today


But don't just take our word for it...! Read what some of our schools say about the scarves:





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